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The Order of the Golden Brahman

Who We Are

The Order of the Golden Brahman represents individuals who hold the ideals and interests of the University of South Florida and its surrounding community. We are both Student and Alumni leaders, working together and collaborating to lead the USF community, to promote campus engagement, and to increase our personal knowledge through group development all while having ambitious purposes.

What We Do
What We Do

The Order of the Golden Brahman serves to recognize and engage the top student leaders on campus while promoting strong relationships with Alumni and Friends of USF. Members of The Order are a powerful network of individuals committed to leading their community. Members pride themselves on maintaining strong character and are always lending their knowledge to others about the various opportunities that USF has to offer.

Why We Are Here

The creation of the Order of the Golden Brahman was championed by Students and Alumni alike to engage the University of South Florida with entities throughout the state and the nation. Whether attending a legislative event in Tallahassee or traveling to a USF Athletic match out of state, members of The Order are committed to share their Bull Pride with others in the most passionate way possible through their strong character.

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