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Fall Class of 2019

Zachary Blair-Andrews
Danny Burgess '08
Brittney Canning

Graduation: Spring 2022

Zach is a Sophomore in the Judy Genshaft Honors College studying Political Science and Public Administration. During his time at USF, Zach has shown his bull pride through his service as a Resident Assistant, a Student Government Senator, and the Vice Chair of the Senate Relations Committee. He currently serves as the Lieutenant Governor of the USF Tampa Student Government. Zach has also served as a Student Ambassador to Takamatsu, Japan, for the city of Saint Petersburg and is pursuing the Global Citizens Award here at USF. With his passion to lead, Zachary is an ideal candidate for the Order.  

Brittney is a Sophomore studying Global Business with a minor in Communication. During her time at USF she has been greatly involved in our student government. She works on the Student Government Street Team and was awarded the USF Student Government Street Teamer of the Year. She is currently the director of programming in SG. She also serves as an international student orientation leader. Among her activities, she is working on her global citizens project. With her dedication to her academics, our university, student body and international community, she exemplifies what it means to have bull pride. We are proud to welcome Brittany as a member of the Order of the Golden Brahman. 


Graduated: B.A. 2008

Graduation: Fall 2021

Kayla Collins

Graduation: Fall 2019

Kayla is a Senior at the USF Sarasota-Manatee campus studying criminology with a minor in Spanish. She is heavily involved on her campus as a solicitor general and vice president of Student Government and as a community leader coordinator, a lead campus experience guide, and the liaison officer for the USF Ambassadors. Kayla has also served as vice president of both the adventure club and yoga club on campus. From her strong commitment to the university and for student success we are honored to have Kayla join the order of the golden brahman. 

Alexandria Corona

Graduation: Spring 2020

Alexandria is a graduate student currently working on her Masters of Arts in Experimental Psychology at the USF St. Petersburg campus. She has had significant research experiences in the PAR lab in St. Pete and SPRUCE lab in Tampa where she has served as lab manager, project coordinator, and a graduate research assistant. She has also presented her research at the southeastern psychological conference this year. In addition to lab work, she has worked as an administrative liaison at Salus, onboarding supervisor at Quikaid, and office manager at the Bay Medical Center. Given her commitment to furthering research and community involvement, Alexandria will make a wonderful addition to the Order. 

Amoy Ellis

Amoy is a junior studying Economics and Political Science. Throughout her time at USF, she has engaged in various leadership experiences including as a Resident Assistant, Senator for Student Government, Peer Leader for Academic Foundations and as a member of the Dean’s Student Leadership Society. She has also maintained maintained membership in several honor societies. Amoy has also maintained strong academic performance during his time at USF. Because of her passion for leadership and commitment to academics, we are proud to welcome Amoy to the Order.  

Graduation: Spring 2020

Urooj Hudda

Urooj is currently a sophomore studying Psychology. During her time at USF, Urooj has served as Resident Assistant, Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement Leadership Committee Member, an Operations Coordinator for Camp Kesem, and a mentor for the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Student Leadership Society. Urooj is dedicated to her community by serving as the team lead for the Ismaili Youth Volunteer, as a counselor for Camp Mosaic, and as a participant in the Global Encounters Camp. Her passion for service and campus engagement makes her an ideal asset for the Order.

Graduation: Spring 2022

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 10.53.56
Alex Karpovage

Graduation: Fall 2020

Alex is a Junior studying Marketing with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. During his time at USF, Alex served as a Lead Mentor in the Bulls Business Community, Vice President of Phi Chi Theta Professional Fraternity, and a Small Group Leader at Radiant Church before accepting a position with Publix on their Customer Relations team. Alex shows his bull pride by serving as The Director of Standards for the USF Ambassadors and using his platform to inspire the youth of the surrounding area. Alex’s optimism and selflessness make him an excellent candidate for the Order.

John Kirby '85

Graduation: 1985

Brittany Long

Graduation: Fall 2019

Brittany is a Senior studying Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Psychology and Sociology. During her time at USF, she has not only maintained excellence in her academics but also through her involvement with community engagement and professional development organizations. She is a member of the Honors College, has consistently made the Dean’s list and has been the recipient of multiple scholarships due to her high performance. She has been an academic tutor, Chairperson for USF Undergraduate Research Society and a Peer Mentor for USF HHMI STEM Academy. Brittany has shown her commitment to the community through her Medical Service trip to the Dominican Republic, and by working at the St Joseph’s Hospital over the last three years assisting nurses and as a patient technician. Her commitment to academics and service in the community make her an ideal candidate for the Order. 

Merritt Martin '04, '06

Graduation: 2004, 2006

IMG_3079 (1).jpeg
Trevor Martindale

Graduation: Spring 2021

Trevor is a sophomore at the USF St. Petersburg campus majoring in Political Sciences. During his time at USF, he has served as a senator and chief legal officer for Student Government, and founded the College Democrats organization at the St. Pete campus. He also currently serves as a congressional intern for Congressman Charlie Crist’s office. Trevor has demonstrated substantial commitment to his University in a short period of time. Given his passion and commitment to leadership, we are excited to welcome Trevor to the Order. 

Spencer McCloskey
Thomas McLaughlin

Graduation: Spring 2020

Spencer is a Sophomore studying Business Analytics and Information Systems. During his time at USF, Spencer served as a Student Government Finance Committee Vice Chairman, a member of the Air Force ROTC, and a Beta Theta Pi Founding Father. Spencer shows his bull pride by serving as the Student Government Finance Committee Vice Chairman and a First Year Orientation Leader. Spencer’s global mindset and desire to positively impact the community around him will serve him well in his future career. These are just a few reasons why we are excited to welcome Spencer to the Order. 

Thomas is currently a senior majoring in Business Analytics & Information Systems and Minoring in Entrepreneurship. He has served as the President for Campus Activities Board, the executive director and the Marketing Director for University Lecture Series, and as the Web Developer for Sun Blaze Elementary Parent Teacher Association. Thomas shows his Bull Pride by serving as the Vice President of Marketing for the Phi Chi Theta Business Fraternity and a Mentor for the Bulls Business Community. With his passion for leadership and service, we are thrilled to welcome Thomas to the Order. 

Conner Merriman

Graduation: Spring 2021

Conner is a Junior studying Cellular and Molecular Biology. Currently he is a Resident Assistant and has been a recipient of the The Shaun Bingham Award for Excellency. He also serves as a teaching assistant for the department of mathematics and an undergraduate research assistant. Conner is connected and committed to his community. He has not only been on service and research trips to the Dominican Republic but is also a Volunteer for Camp Kesem and a missions coordinator for the Global Medical Missions. Conner’s dedication to the community through service makes him an ideal candidate for the Order of the Golden Brahman. 

Graduation: Spring 2022

Rachel Miller

Graduation: Spring 2020

Rachel Miller is currently a senior majoring in Public Health and Minoring in Political Science. During her time at USF, Rachel served as Advocacy Lead for Partners in Health Engage, an intern for Advent Health, and a Volunteer for the Bakas Equestrian Center. Rachel shows her bull pride by serving as aResident Assistant, Collaboration Chair for Education Abroad, an Ambassador and Peer Mentor for the Honors College, and a developer for the Bulls Service Breaks Trip. Her strong passion for USF and her community make Rachel an ideal candidate for the Order.

Camila Nakandakari

Graduation: Fall 2021

Camila is a Junior studying Political Science and Mass Communications with a concentration in Journalism. She is an active member of the USF community and has served as a Senator and Sergeant at Arms for Student Government. She has been the recipient of The Deans list, USF Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship and The Tampa Bay Times Endowed Scholarship. Camila has been involved with multiple organizations at USF, such as USF College Democrats and USF Latin American Student Association holding multiple positions just to name a few. Her dedication to the community make her an excellent candidate for the Order.

Riya Shah

Graduation: Summer 2020

Riya is a senior majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology. During her time at USF, she has served as a Vice-Chair of Communications at the CLCE, Tutor, Peer Leader for General Chemistry, and as an Undergraduate Research Volunteer. She also founded a new student organization, Project Linus, which provides handmade blankets for ill and traumatized children. Riya also has a passion for service and has volunteered at the Moffitt Cancer Center and Feeding America since 2016. Because of her passion for service, commitment to leadership and research, we are thrilled to welcome Riya to the Order. 

Minh Tran

Graduation: Spring 2020

Minh is currently a senior majoring in Biology and Psychology. During his time at USF he participated in research at the Neuro-Machine Interaction Lab, Cardiovascular Psychophysiology Lab, Dynamics of Externalizing Lab, the Gender and Interpersonal Dynamics Lab, and the Shimizu Avian Cognition Research Lab. Minh also shows his Bull Pride by serving as an Ambassador for the Judy Genshaft Honors College. These are just a few reasons why we welcome Minh to the Order.

kayla weiss.jpeg
Kayla Weiss

Graduation: Fall 2019

Kayla is a senior majoring in Psychology. She has maintained superior academic performance throughout her journey at USF, and has attained Dean’s list each semester she has been here. She serves on the Honors College Student Council and as an Orientation Mentor for the Honors College, where she guides incoming bulls through their first year of college. She has also served as a volunteer at metropolitan ministries, and as a researcher at the Honors College. Her commitment to academics and service through her college makes Kayla an ideal candidate for the Order. 

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